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Hi, I’m Dreux. I’m an award-winning songwriter, producer, musician and artist living in Los Angeles, CA.

I work with artists to help bring their projects to life. A record producer’s job is to realize the full potential of an artist or band and no matter where you are in the process, be it needing to write songs, create demos, produce songs with full instrumentation or needing a project mixed and mastered, I can be your teammate to help get your project across the finish line. Let’s make a record!



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The first step in this process is deciding what you’d like to accomplish. Want to release a full length? An EP? A steady stream of singles over the course of the next year? Whatever it is, we’ll figure out a plan together that make sense for your career.


Once we decide on a plan for your release(s) we’ll get to work on writing your songs. We can do this any number of ways: we can start from scratch, work with starts* you already have, or I may present some starts that I have that might work well for you. The deliverable at this stage is (1) demo recording. The demo might just be guitar & vocals, or could be the vocal on top of a start. I recommend that this part of the process happen in person. I live in Los Angeles, but can meet you anywhere in the world if the budget allows.

3_Production & Recording

Once songs are chosen for release I will produce them to be release ready. This part of the process is where I add all of the musical elements (synths, drums, effects, etc) and get final vocals. Once I have completed a production we will work together to finalize the track. Typically this is a back and forth process that involves a few rounds of revisions. Deliverable here are the files a mixing engineer would need.

4_Mixing & Mastering

Once the production of the track is complete I also offer mixing & mastering services for clients. Deliverables are (1) main mix and (2) instrumental (all vox muted). This process starts with mixing and once finalized I can either master myself or provide a list of reputable mastering engineers. Deposit of 50% is required to book the project and is non-refundable. Balance due on approval of final mixes.

5_Show Prep

Want to play a show that actually sounds like the record? I can hook you up with everything you’ll need: stems from record(s) we made together (stems are the individual channels that make up the main mix: kick, snare, bass, etc), drum samples chopped up and ready to load into a sampler so that your drummer will sound like the record, grouped stems, and more. Deliverables are TBD and are based on individual artists needs.

6_Album Cover Art

In addition to being a music producer, I am also a trained graphic designer and art director. If you need, I can provide this service to help you think through how your music translates to a visual brand. Together we can work though your aesthetic to land on a branding system that includes typography, color palette, and photo style. Ultimately, this translates to cover art for your releases, but can extend to a website, social media imagery and assets, and merchandising. Deliverables are TBD.



"...sounds futuristic yet warm and familiar, born out of a world that’s similar but not quite identical to our own."

"...a retro-futuristic synth ballad with a tender heart. Building on a synthetic foundation, they rely on the vulnerability of lead singer Jessie Daley’s lyrics to lend human elements to the sleek tonal palate."

"...plays with droning, ethereal synths, easy-listening melodies and smart, wistful storytelling...packed with optimistic production and Daley’s bright, delicate vocals. At once colorful and dark, moody and approachable, and pixelated yet smooth."

"the lush-toned song... starts out light and poppy but turns darker and thicker as Daley sings, “Love can grow so cold.” It’d easily fit in between a new Chvrches song and an old Everything But the Girl classic on a playlist."


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